Annual Meeting Minutes


Annual Meeting

January 17, 2017

Board members present: Kim Schlessinger, Robin Evans, Dick Juntunen, Jon Goldman, Dave Dahlin, Richard Meaney, Glenn Edwards.

Board members absent: Mary Eusterman, Greg Caputo, Andrew Shreve.

Also present: Tony Nguyen, Mike Wilson, Eric Howard, Andrew Koll.

Ballots for the 2017 members of the board were tallied and the results were:

  • Andrew Shreve 16
  • Eric Howard 15
  • Mike Wilson 18
  • Werner Evans 1

The Board of Directors for 2017: Kim Schlessinger, Glenn Edwards, Dick Juntunen, Dave Dahlin, Richard Meaney, Andrew Shreve, Eric Howard and Mike Wilson.

Outgoing Directors: Robin Evans, Jon Goldman and Mary Eusterman.

A replacement for Greg Caputo will be appointed at the next meeting. Officers will also be named at the next meeting.

President Kim Schlessinger gave a short address. Highlights were how productive this board has been over the past year. An accountant did a review of our books. Treasurer Dick Juntunen performed an internal audit. Pickleball tournaments have been successful. Pool memberships have increased. Redecorations to the lobby. New sinks in bathrooms, upstairs and outdoor kitchen. Concrete replacement and tree removal. And the smooth transition of Tony taking on as manager of the club.

Treasurer Dick Juntunen gave the 2017 Budget Report:


  • For the year, total income is budgeted at $216,641 compared to actual of $215,748 in 2016.
  • Tennis lesson and tournament income will be about the same for 2017.
  • Budgeting for an increase in summer pool memberships and swim lesson revenue. Have an increase of $15 in summer memberships and $4 in swim lesson rates.EXPENSE
  • For the year total expense is budgeted at $216.191 compared to actual of $219,102 in 2016.
  • Most expense area costs will remain about the same for 2017, although there should be some increase in repair and maintenance.

Additional budget information will be posted on the website.

The new Board of Directors will vote on the 2017 budget at the February meeting.

Submitted by,

Robin Evans, secretary

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