Albany Tennis Club is a non-profit, member-owned tennis club, managed by a member-elected board of directors. The Club offers Family and Individual Adult equity memberships along with non-equity Junior, summer, and Pickleball memberships.

There are five membership categories:

  • Equity membership
  • Trial membership
  • Junior membership
  • Pickleball membership
  • Summer membership

Equity members purchase and are owners of their membership at Albany Tennis Club.

A one-time 12 month Trial membership is made available to individuals or families for a one-time $99 fee and regular monthly dues. At the end of 12-months, the Trial member may either end their membership without further obligation or purchase an Equity membership.

Junior members pay a $100 initiation fee and then regular monthly dues.

Membership Application

Conditions of Membership


Membership Definitions

Adult: A person over the age of 18.
Child: A person 18 years of age or younger.
Single Membership: A membership allowing club privileges to one adult.
Family Membership: A membership allowing club privileges to a married couple or domestic partnership including dependent children who qualify to be claimed on the adult member’s or members’ federal and state tax filing or for whom the adult member(s) is/are paying child support. A foster child or an exchange high school student may also be included in a family membership.
Junior Membership: A person 18 years of age or younger; membership allows use of ATC facilities to one child.
Summer Membership: A family membership that allows use of the pool and tennis facilities during the pool season.
Pickleball Membership: A limited membership that allows pickleball only play during designated times of the week.